Gatwick Airport Plans To Let A Robot Park Your Car

Stanley Robotics

United Kingdon’s Gatwick Airport is an airport like any other: always busy, almost always crowded. But soon enough, it might become an airport unlike any other (in the U.K at least) because it has been decided that the airport will start trials of valet robots thanks to French company Stanley Robotics.

The robot, called Stan, is 100% electric and even has a pair of electric blue eyes that, while they don’t have any benefit at all, do give Stan a touch of character.

The travelers will have their cars dropped into small garages, called, in this case, ‘vehicle cabins’ and book them via a kiosk. After the booking will be completed, a robot will arrive to collect the car. It will simply lift its wheels off the ground and transport it to the parking area.

This basically gives the traveler all the security it needs since they will be able to keep their keys with them, not to mention it will save them precious time.

The cars will be stacked neatly together in a way that will preserve space, since no doors will need to be opened during the parking period. Stan knows the traveler’s complete flight itinerary so it will know when they have landed and their car will already be waiting for them when they disembark.

Gatwick will not be the first airport that will offer this kind of service though: the Charles de Gaulle Airport in France and the Dusseldorf Airport have had robotic valet services in operation since 2015.

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