General Motors Is Saying Goodbye To Diesel To Embrace Electric Cars

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General Motors, one of the biggest car makers in the world, has officially said goodbye to diesel cars working towards an all-electric future. The company announced its work on two full electric models for 2018 #automagic

GM is finally crossing to the electric side. The car manufacturer has joined other names like Volvo and Jaguar Land Rover to embrace an electric car future. The company stated they’ll begin this journey with the launch of two vehicles next year and at least 18 more by 2023. The new vehicles will be a mix between battery electric cars and fuel cell-powered vehicles. The change in their scope won’t happen overnight, but rather progressively, depending on the market and the region.

For example, in China, General Motors might speed up the process. After all, China already has the intention to ban fossil fuel cars , so it will clearly support the initiative. Plus, they’ve come to sell more cars in China than in the US. GM’s plan is to launch 10 electric or hybrid electric cars by 2020 there. This year, it gave customers a taste of their future EVs after selling a two-seat electric car there for $5,300. 

With more countries (Norway, UK, France) embracing this switch, it won’t be hard for a manufacturer of GMs reputation and resources to become as popular or more than Tesla. Especially since the company has shown how invested it is in an autonomous future, after releasing a car with vehicle-to-vehicle communication capability.

General Motors also talked about SURUS — the Silent Utility Rover Universal Superstructure — a fuel cell powered, four-wheel steer concept vehicle on a heavy-duty truck frame that’s driven by two electric motors. With its capability and flexible architecture, SURUS could be used as a delivery vehicle, truck or even an ambulance — all emissions free.

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