GitHub Down Due to Dead Data Storage System


A few hours ago, a data storage system for GitHub’s website failed and, since then, the website has been mostly stuttering about – it’s still up and serving pages but also hands out out-of-date files on occasion, is consistently ignoring submissions, bug reports, pushes and posts. Other times, it looks like a read-only cache.

According to the status page, a data storage system died and it forced the platform’s engineers to move the website’s files to another box.

GitHub was quick to acknowledge the issue with a short statement on the status board and told the users that they “may see inconsistent results during the process”.

“During this time, information displayed on GitHub.com is likely to appear out of date; however no data was lost. Once service is fully restored, everything should appear as expected. Further, this incident only impacted website metadata stored in our MySQL databases, such as issues and pull requests. Git repository data remains unaffected and has been available throughout the incident.”

– Jason C. Warner, The GitHub Blog

At the time this article is being written, GitHub is still working on migrating the database to get the website up to speed again, so hang in there guys, we’re sure it will all be fixed in no time.

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