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The Investment Paid Off: Microsoft Reveals GitHub Now Has 90 Million Active Users

GitHub, the collaborative platform for developers worldwide, now has more users than two large countries combined.

In the latest earnings call, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella revealed that 90 million developers use GitHub, a platform that has reached annual recurring revenue of $1 billion – a sign that the Microsoft acquisition paid off.

For those who missed the news back then, Microsoft bought GitHub in 2018 for $7.5 billion. Four years ago, the platform had 28 million users and generated between $200 and $300 million yearly revenue.

“Since our acquisition, GitHub is now at $1 billion annual recurring revenue and GitHub’s developer-first ethos has never been stronger,” Nadella said in the call, adding that the number of developers on the platform has grown threefold since the acquisition.

In the same call, Nadella also reported an 100% growth in Xbox Cloud Gaming over the past year. 

Back in 2021, Xbox Cloud Gaming had 10 million users and now it’s at over 20 million, a growth that can also be explained by the addition of Fortnite to the platform.

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The Investment Paid Off: Microsoft Reveals GitHub Now Has 90 Million Active Users
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