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You’re Gonna Wanna Show Your Boss These Reasons Why Microsoft Teams Sucks

If you’re working for an organization that uses Office 365 instead of tools like Slack and Zoom, then you probably have your fair share of reasons why Microsoft Teams sucks. Even worse, your org might be on the brink of deciding whether or not to implement Teams. If you’re against this tool, instead of waving your arms in the air like a mad man trying to explain annoying user experience quirks, just show them the comments below.

A Reddit thread said “Dear MS Teams: Someone liking my comment in my active chat should not cause a notification in my “Activity” panel that can only be cleared by activating that panel”.

Obviously, this brought on full on bashing on Microsoft Teams, with some users pointing out exactly why Teams sucks.

In all fairness, most collaboration apps are full of bugs or questionable UX but, if you were to scroll on Reddit, MS Teams does take the cake when it comes to uninspired design.

Here’s what Teams users have to say.

Teams notifications not working

“When you reply to a thread and stay in that view and someone replies and the channel still stays bolded as if you haven’t read it. Although you are looking at the reply. So you have to click on another channel and back to mark it as read. But if someone replies and you don’t click on Teams window it will mark it as read after some time and you lose replies.”

“How about updating the chat window on your side monitor so that you dont assume no one has been messaging you for the last 3 hours when there’s been a literal fire in the datacenter and everyone has been pinging you?

I really like the part where you click on the Teams window it goes “oh yea jk lol there’s actually 100 messages waiting”.”

Migrating Teams

“I assisted with a huge tenant migration and they specifically told us that we’d keep Teams chat history. What they didn’t tell us was that they would turn each individual chat message into an untitled email with no sender and put it in a folder in our Outlook.

I ended up with an outlook file that was too large to index properly, with 130,000 emails in it and no reference as to whom they were from. Teams just does messaging differently.”

Searching for messages on Teams

“Great, you found the message you wanted ? Oh, you want Teams to scroll to the message so you can see the context ? I guess this won’t be possible, Teams will only give you one message before and one after. You’ll have to note the date, and scroll yourself.


“‘Here’s that message you searched for! … Context? Why would you need that?’

‘I noticed you highlighted a single word in a message. Are you copying something? Here, I’ll select the ENTIRE GODDAMNED MESSAGE and save you some time.’

‘Why would your ring device be different from your general audio? Don’t be silly, keep your headset on 24×7!’”

“Screw search, screw scrolling up to find messages… you will die with the jumpy-ness as it loads pictures, god forbid you look at another channel and it loses what you were looking at then have to rescroll to find it again. If its an active channel, and the message is more then 2/3 days old … you are never seeing it again. The lovely freaking bug where you start typing backwords. And always the issue where left right keys dont work anymore…..”

Copying messages on Teams

“Want to copy an IP someone sent you? Let me copy the COMPLETE name and time stamp including the IP you need fam, there yo go.

Want to scroll fast and read the chat history? wow wow wow wait a minute partner, let me LOAD the messages first eh?

God damn I hate Teams.”

Teams status bugs

“I was on a (Teams) call the other day and it changed me to away in the middle of the call…”

And lastly, there’s random but still valid Teams complaints like this one: “Are we allowed to talk about how creepy the new emotes are? Like what the fuck.”

Thumbs up if you want the old emojis back!

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You’re Gonna Wanna Show Your Boss These Reasons Why Microsoft Teams Sucks
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