Give Your Phone A Breath Of Fresh Air With iTron, The Fastest Portable Charger Yet

Sooner or later, we all get to the point where no matter how often we charge our phones and tablets, they still let us down at the worst possible moments. Most of those happen when you’re on the road or in places you can’t find an outlet for the life of you. Portable chargers are a neat alternative but many take too much of our time unless… we’re talking about iTron, a device that could power up your gadgets in a couple of minutes!

iTron is a portable power bank from Simpiz that peaked our interest after it launched a very succesfull Indiegogo campaign. Using similar battery cells to those found on a Tesla car, iTron can charge an iPhone 6S in 5 minutes and an iPad Air 2 in a quarter of an hour. It’s not the biggest portable charger on the market (9,000mAh battery) but man, it’s the fastest we’ve seen!

Should you want to buy one, know that it comes wiith a docking station with a Quick Charge 2.0 and two 5V/2A USB ports that allows you not to just recharge the battery bank but other devices, too. The best part is you can give your gadgets a bit of “air” wherever you are for just $80 (early bird package) or $150 for two – in case you want to make a friend’s day a whole lot better.

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