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How To Fix A Vertical Video In Windows

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There’s nothing more frustrating than to realize the funny footage you took with your friends during a city break looks awful on the computer. Your smartphone recorded it sideways or upside down and now, you have to hurt your neck in order watch it properly. VLC media player is a temporary solution but if you want to edit and save it correctly on your laptop, Windows might have the answer.

Few people know that Windows Movie Maker can sort it out rather easily. All you have to do is import it in the program, rotate it in the direction needed from the editing panel and save the project. See every step from the process here.

If you’d rather not install a new program on your PC and just want to go tweak it in VLC, here are full instructions. We’ll give you a fair warning: you have quite the bumpy road ahead. So, have patience and set time aside for this.

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