Google and Labster Join Forces And Create VR Labs For Students

Credit: Google

STEM students usually don’t have it easy when it comes to finding enough lab time for them to get their work done, something that is, more often than not, essential for their degrees. The obstacles are endless – university labs being too far away, school budgets or simply high demand. More often than not, students don’t even have time to finish their experiments before other colleagues come in the labs, trying to get their own work done on time.

To fix that problem, Google partnered up with Labster, and together they plan to bring over 30 virtual labs to students across the globe with the help of the Daydream platform.

The labs are interactive virtual environments that provide access to state-of-the-art equipment which will allow the students to do a wide range of experiments and research such as, but not limited to DNA sequencing, examine organisms under a microscope and combine materials. There is also an option of manipulating DNA at a molecular level, something that is not possible in a physical environment.

The students can see the results faster, reverse the course of action or return to a certain step in order to correct mistakes start the experiments all over again.

The Labster package is mainly sold to universities but there is a sample app available for Daydream owners, so if you own a Daydream View or  Lenovo Mirage Solo headset, you can have a look as well, without the need to physically attend a university or put a foot in a real lab.

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