Google Announces Titan Security Key for Safer Logins

Credit: Google

During the Next conference that took place yesterday, Google announced its new product, called the Titan Security Key, that will be up for sale in the next few months.

The key can authenticate logins in the same way the Yubico keys do. Unlike other keys available on the market though, Google’s Titan includes special firmware to verify authenticity, developed by the company.

The key uses standard FIDO alliance protocol, which makes it compatible with a number of apps and browsers. Hence, it can be used to log into third-party services, though they might not be able to support the same firmware verification.

Video for Google’s Advanced Protection Program where the company showcases the use of a security key / Google on YouTube 

Google Cloud customers can purchase the Titan keys already via their Google representative. Sometime later, they will be widely available to any user who might want to buy them for prices that vary from $20 to $25. Google has tested the key within the company for over a year, with a 100% success rate.

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