Google Brings New Updates To Its ARCore Platform

Image source: Google

According to its goal to constantly improve its augmented reality platform, ARCore, Google launched an update for Android and iOS. The current update features exciting facial augmentation, also improving the Cloud Anchors.

Through Augmented Faces, users are now able to attach fun effects to their faces. The effects follow their facial movements, adapting to their expressions right away.

If you liked iOS’s Animojis and Memojis technology, this will also be your cup of tea.

However, there is an important difference, for iOS’s in-built AR effects a depth-sensing camera is necessary.

The platform’s new feature work like a Snapchat filter, but more advanced. It’s able to recreate this effect on its own capabilities, without additional advanced hardware, by adding a 3D mesh over faces that features 468 single-tracked points.

In updating the Cloud Anchor, Google aims to make it even more efficient, by processing more angles when the anchor is created. This makes the experience even more realistic and more steady.

While the updates may not seem like a big deal at the moment, it shows that progress in AR is constantly a concern for Google.

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