Google Foldable Smartphone Plans Revealed

Google Foldable Smartphone Plans Revealed

PC: Patently Mobile

Foldable smartphones have been all the rage recently and certainly Google has taken notice. While it has been known that Google would enter this market, it appears they have made their first steps to do so registering a foldable smartphone patent.

As first reported by Patently Mobile, the patent illustrates an object that looks like an open computer on the left and a wallet on the right. Instead, these are drawings of Google’s foldable smartphone. This fold inward is reminiscent of laptops like Surface Pro, distinguishing it from other foldable smartphones poised to enter the market.

The patent leaves a lot of information to be desired as it is simple in its illustration. Time will tell how this evolves into the final product, but it is still exciting to get the first glimpse of what Google is planning for the foldable smartphone.

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