Tesla Unveils Newest EV: Model Y

Long known to be a leader of the electric vehicle automobile market, Tesla has faced a turbulent few years. However, in a much anticipated event, Tesla unveiled their Model Y electric SUV to uproarious applause.

At first glance, the Model Y seems to share many of the same characteristics of the recently released Model 3. The interior, for example, features the same panoramic glass roof and 15-inch touchscreen dashboard. Additionally, CEO Elon Musk claims it will have the same impeccable safety rating as the Model 3.

However, what makes the Model Y formidable is its 7 seat passenger capacity (available in 2021) and its “feature complete” ability. Musk emphasized this latter point, stating that the Model Y will have all current and future autonomous vehicle features as they come out. Its chassis, range, and other features improve upon the Model 3.

The Model Y is expected to come in 4 different models: Standard Range, Long Range, Dual Motor AWD, and Performance. The main difference between these models are in their cost, range, top speed, mph and 0-60.

The Long Range, Dual Motor AWD and Performance variants are expected to hit the market in Fall 2020 with the Standard Range model following shortly after in the Spring 2021. Preorders for the SUV are now live on Tesla’s website.

With many features borrowed or upgraded from the Model 3, Tesla may also be able to ship these out more efficiently. Given the SUV’s popularity in the US, this could spur Tesla into a bright future!

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