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Google Halloween Ringtones Will Keep the Neighbors Away

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Google is joining the Halloween festivities with more than a classic doodle this year. The company’s contribution is a pretty scary surprise designed to keep the nosy neighbors away.

Or turn your house in the coolest one around for trick-or-treaters.

Google has just introduced spooky ringtones through Nest Hello. Until early November, so about a week and a half, all the kids and “friendly neighbors” will get a creepy surprise when they ring the bell. “Nest Hello users in the U.S. will have the ability to transform their doorbell chime into a cackling witch, a ghost, a vampire or a scary monster to make your front door a neighborhood destination on Halloween night”, wrote Google keyword contributor Evan Barbour Grippi.

You can enable the feature and choose your favorite ringtone from the Nest app, in Settings -> Doorbell Theme -> Halloween.

If you want to be a bit extra this year, go on Amazon and get this eye-rolling, evil-cackling doorbell – it’s made our top 12 best gadgets for Halloween this year:

Of course, Google didn’t stop here. It seems they’ve really thought of how to turn the feat factor to 100 for Nest users. If you say “Hey Google, get spooky” to one of your Nest speakers or displays, the Assistant will start an hour-long playlist of creepy sounds. Probably a trick to try if you’re having a Halloween party… or if the horror movie you’re watching is not exciting enough.

Speaking of – what are your plans for Halloween? Are you celebrating in a big way or just cuddling up on the couch and watching a horror flick?

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