Google Makes Its Assistant Available On Most Chromebooks
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Google Makes Its Assistant Available On Most Chromebooks


Google is rolling out Chrome OS 77 and thanks to it, a number of devices powered by the platform will finally get to feature the company’s proprietary Assistant. Up until now, the Assistant only made an appearance as a Pixel exclusive but now the users will be able to find it on “most Chromebooks”, according to the company. 

All the users will have to do, is, of course, just say “Hey, Google” to summon it or simply click the logo from Launch. 

The new version also bring about a few other new bits: the users will now benefit from new media notifications. They will help them know which tab or application is running sound – all they have to do is click the bottom right corner of their screen in order to access the controls for audio paying. 

Family Link will help the parents add more bonus time within the app by the same name when screen time is about to end. This will not affect the daily limit or the previously established bedtime schedule. 

Automatic Clicks, alongside other features, is now available in the Accessibility settings. In addition to this, Google also added Virtual Desks and Send to Device support backpacking on this update. The users can now send web pages to other devices by clicking on the address bar and choosing “Send to your devices”. 

New battery saving measures will be switching off the devices after three days of standby as well. 

Chrome OS 77 will be rolling out over the next couple of days to eligible devices but it will take a while so, if your device qualifies, expect to wait for it for about a week.  

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