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Google Maps Brings Directions Pairing for Smarter Commute

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We all experience the challenge of getting to work in time every morning and choosing the most efficient commute, especially if we need to connect various modes of transportation.

The good news is that Google Maps just came up with an update ready to change the way you navigate every day.

Your trips will become less time consuming and more efficient and connected. The feature suggests routes personalized for each trip, giving an estimated ETA as well. It calculates each piece of your trip and makes a total travel time until your destination, so you can better estimate your arrival, for example.

The new transit directions function will be available on Android and iOS and will be rolling out in the coming weeks, Google said.

Here’s how you’ll use it.

You just have to search for your destination in your Google Maps app, tap Directions and then tap the Transit tab, from where you can see the trip routes using whatever option you want and you’re ready to go.

According to Google, the new feature will become available in the next weeks, on Android and iOS.

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