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How to Use Google Maps For Parking Spot Issues

Google Maps can get you to your destination quickly but it also has a couple of nifty features that also save time.

Here’s two ways to use Google Maps for the parking spot issues you run into in your daily life.

How to drop a pin in Google Maps to find your parking spot

Did you know you can save a parking spot on Google Maps? If you ever went to a crowded arena or huge mall and struggled to find your car later, this is a super helpful tip.

Once you arrive somewhere and want to remember where you parked your car, just open Google Maps and tap the blue dot that shows your location.

Once you tap it, you’ll see multiple options. Select “Set as Parking Location” and that’s it!

how to add parking spot on google maps
How to add parking spot on Google Maps

But still, the real challenge is finding a parking spot nowadays. Did you know Google Maps can help you find parking spots?

How to find parking on Google Maps

What you have to do is simply use Google Maps as usual. Insert the location you want to arrive at. Then, select the driving directions and swipe up from the bottom of the display.

That will open up a small chart under the Start button that shows you how much traffic is at your destination and, right underneath, a short overview of how easy parking is.

In some places, Google Maps also tells you if there’s additional fees to be paid, like London’s Ultra Low Emission Zones.

how to find parking spots in google maps
How to find parking spots on Google Maps

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How to Use Google Maps For Parking Spot Issues
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