Google Photos Dark Mode Is Available Now

Image source: JR Raphael/Google

After people got more annoyed by tech companies’ preference for white space in their apps and websites, Google listened and worked hard in order to offer a much asked Dark Mode for Google Photos. Now, the awaited mode is here.

Google Photos has suffered the most during the implementation of the new theme, appearing half-black, half-white. Now that’s a thing of the past.

Fortunately, the UI problems are now fixed and the dark mode is much wider. Users on Android Pie and Oreo can now have dark themes enabled.

Reddit user: chocolatebar

They simply have to navigate to Settings -> Display -> Advanced -> Device theme to see if the Android-Pie device they own has received the new update.

If so, they can turn on the limited dark mode from there. Moreover, users have the possibility to automatically switch themes in case they pick a dim wallpaper. On Android Oreo, you have to do this because there the system doesn’t support manually selecting color schemes.

By doing so, Google Photos should take your preferences into consideration and ‘turn off the light’. In any case, keep in mind this is a server-side change, therefore you might have to wait for the app to do so. Also, being updated to the latest version of the app will help.

As far as other Google products such as Messages go, turning on the dark mode there might change it for the Photos app also, since the apps are all somehow connected.

Unfortunately, for now, Google Photos doesn’t feature its own toggle that enables dark mode independently of system settings. Therefore, if you’re running an older version of Android, you might want to update in order to enjoy the dark mode.

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