Google Pixel 4a’ One Camera Is Set to Rule Them All

Everyone’s talking about Google’s reply to iPhone SE 2020, but is Pixel 4a just an Android… iPhone? Or will it give you a bit more than apps and badass software, like one camera to rule them all?

Like iPhone SE, Pixel 4a hopes to keep the things that make the flagship line shine and compromise on the smaller things. With a Pixel 5 that’s ready to break all the flagship rules, it’s not that hard to do it really. Both Pixel phones are running away from the thousand dollar mark, as all of us are starting to think about how to spend our bucks better. 

We’re not going to invest $1000 in a vacation too soon, but why not spend it on new furniture, right? Or a better gaming console? You know, the things that really make a difference when you have to stay home. 

Suddenly, a $400 phone seems like a sensible choice. And if you’re not the sensible type, you can still opt for a mid-ranger like Google Pixel 4a because you won’t feel ashamed about showing it off.

2020 is bridging the gap between flagships and mid-rangers, with a new wave of $200 phones sweeping in. If you wanna know more, I’ll drop a link!

Coming back to Pixel 4a, this baby will actually have the camera of a flagship with all the features that make Google phones exciting. That means we’re talking about 3-4 cameras, right? 

No, we’re actually still looking at one camera, in a square module. We don’t get it either, don’t worry. Maybe Google is trying to set the trend for future Pixels? Still, Pixel 5 will host its cameras in a U shape…

What matters, though, is that Pixel 4a will have the same sensor Pixel 4 sports: a 12.2MP Sony lens, with 1.4μm pixels, optical and electronic image stabilization and autofocus. Kind of like the iPhone SE camera, by the way. And yes, it shoots 4K. 

But what about a tele lens? It’s not on the table, unfortunately, although Google is said to bring Super Zoom. This means, guys, we’ll get 8 times zoom without a second camera. Software magic? You better believe it!

Google’s magic spreads into the night too. In a $400 device you’ll get to capture low light shots with Night Sight, one of the best software camera solutions for night photography on the market.

This mode made Pixel phones famous in the industry! Also, astrophotography mode, which was introduced on Pixel 4, is making a comeback on Pixel 4a. In a mid-range phone, you’ll get to shoot the starry sky thanks to its 4-minute long exposure shots. 

Find more about Google Pixel 4a in the video above!

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