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Google Pixel 5 XL Leak Reveals A Different Design

New Google Pixel 5 XL renders have leaked, revealing a great redesign. The renders of the Pixel 5XL were posted by Pigtou (via Slashgear) and seem confusing, as we were expecting an entirely new design from Google’s Pixel 5 XL.

The leaker suggests that the handset would feature a plastic back and sides, around the 6.1 inches screen. The most surprising thing might be the punch-hole display upfront with a fingerprint sensor in the rear, suggesting the Face Unlock feature might be on the table, which is a significant upgrade from the Pixel 4, if it turns out to be accurate.

Image: Pigou

Pigou also mentioned that the Pixel 5 XL will integrate a QHD display, with a high refresh rate. According to Pigou, Google’s handset will run on the Snapdragon 865 chip and will have almost 4,000 mAh of battery capacity, which is better, as the Pixel 4 XL integrates a 3,700 mAh battery, but is not such a huge upgrade.

Interestingly enough, the leaker suggested that the handset will come in a 5G Pixel 5 XL version, as well as a 4G version for countries without the 5G infrastructure.

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