Google Pixel 5a vs Pixel 4a vs Pixel 4a 5g Comparison: What’s the Difference?

Curious how does the Google Pixel 5a measure up to Pixel 4a and the more recent Pixel 4a 5G? Let me just say… you are going to be surprised by the results.

After witnessing phone makers’ tendency to launch device after device with barely-there upgrades from one to the other, you might be tempted to reevaluate your choices and think twice before spending a couple of hundred dollars on your next smartphone. After all, does the new, only-launched phone justify the swap and spend? In Google’s case, is Pixel 5a worth ditching your 4a for? Totally! But is it worth upgrading from Pixel 4a 5G? Umm… no way! 

The truth is Google tends to be stingy with their phone, giving their users just enough to stay engaged. While the company has never disappointed when it comes to the Pixel camera, it has seldom managed to reveal a game-changing Pixel phone, one that can leave users speechless. Instead, Google has preferred to stick to functional handsets.

This year, things will pretty much follow their course. You’ll have to put the Pixel 5a and Pixel 4a 5G under the microscope to spot the difference between the two. And even then, it will be virtually impossible to do so. 

They’re almost twins, whether we’re talking size, camera, or battery wise.

How come? First of all, it’s important to be aware of the fact that Pixel 5a will come with 5G from the get-go. It seems Google won’t bother with two versions in 2021 and launch them separately like last year. At most, it’s gonna put a 4G LTE model on some markets. 

What does this mean? For one, a bigger price; the Pixel 5a won’t go for $350 like the Pixel 4a, it just can’t. The 5G connectivity will raise the cost, so we might be looking at a $500 price, although I’m holding hope for a $400 one.

5G connection also means extra power needed which implies a better chip out of the box. In a year dominated by Snapdragon 888, which should run on the Pixel 6 too, Google can’t stick to the 730G anymore – not even for their budget line.

Most likely, the company’s gonna go with the 765G. I would be pleasantly surprised – and you would be too, trust me – if somehow, Google managed to put the Snapdragon 780G on this one. But it might be too late in the game for that; Google should show off the phone this May 18th, after all, at the developer’s conference. 

And the similarities with Pixel 4a 5G continue – told you they would! Check the video above to find out!

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