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Google Pixel Buds Take On Airpods with Smart Features

google pixel buds

The Pixel Buds were one of the highlights of yesterday’s major Google event, a direct challenge to the Airpods, even though the designs are nothing alike.

The Pixel Buds are a pair of tiny, minimalistic devices and their circular design makes it very easy to case them – just drop them in, don’t worry about alignment, and the magnets will do the rest.

With sweat and water resistance as features, they could also be a great choice for the gym.

While other makers like Sennheiser or Sony bet heavy on noise cancelling, Google went with a “vented” design that lets some outside noise in, in order to help your awareness.

Even more, they also feature Adaptive Sound, which, as Google explains, “dynamically adjusts the volume as you move from a quiet environment to a noisy one, so you don’t have to constantly raise or lower the volume.”

Of course, since they’re Google-made, a heavy emphasis is put on Google Assistant.

With touch controls for play, pause and volume and “Hey Google” commands for skipping songs, texting friends or Live Translation, they do sure sound smart.

For battery life, Google promises five hours of play with up to 24 hours when using the case.  

Unfortunately, the new Pixel Buds won’t be here this holiday season, so don’t put these wireless earbuds on your Christmas wishlist just yet! 

They will be available next spring in “clearly white,” “almost black,”“oh so orange,” and “quite mint” for $179.

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