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Google Showed Up At the Oscars with Ad About the “Look to Speak” Eye-Controlled App

While all eyes were on CODA, the first movie on a streaming app to get a Best Picture Oscars award (available on Apple TV Plus), Google used this year’s ceremony to show an ad about an app that’s controlled with your eyes.

Android’s Look to Speak app uses your phone’s selfie camera and lets you gaze at a list of phrases that are then read aloud using text to speech.

Look to Speak has a list of phrases that can be read and needs the user to look at the phone display to work.

“Customization options let users set the gaze off-screen distance (close, medium, and far), as well as the gaze duration needed to trigger. A feedback ping is available to confirm every selection. The app can be paused/”snoozed” at any time (by looking up) so that it’s not always looking for your gaze,” explains Google.

The ad Google showed at the Oscars 2022 demoed the app using a Pixel phone.

The Look to Speak accessibility app was launched as part of the Google Experiments project and offers not just English but a total of 17 languages.

They include  Arabic, Bengali, German, Spanish (Spain), Spanish, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Marathi, Portuguese, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, and Vietnamese.

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Google Showed Up At the Oscars with Ad About the “Look to Speak” Eye-Controlled App
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