Google Stadia, Coming to Android Phones… Not Made by Google


Since its inception, Google stressed that their gaming services, Stadia, would be available on Pixel phones before any other device. Frustrating, I know. Well, it seems like the time has come for other Android users to get their hands on the Google Stadia content, although there’s no word about iOS support.

In a move worthy of Apple, Google has been keeping Stadia access restricted to Pixel phones, Windows 10 and macOS Chrome browsers and Chromecast Ultra. Whether they wanted to keep their service in-house intentionally or not, there’s no telling.

However, for consumers, it was simply a matter of missed opportunities. So, now, the company has finally relented and added support for 17 other phones, starting with Samsung S8 upwards, both ASUS ROG Phones and both Razer phones. Can you see a pattern? Yeah, me too.

Huawei is blatantly missing as well as any iPhone, although the tech is more than there to support the game streaming. That’s curious, especially since Google has never mentioned Apple devices would be out of the project.

We’ll have to wait and see whether Stadia makes it to more handsets soon, especially since they’ve hit quite a few bumps in the road, mainly connectivity-related.

Until then, enjoy Google Stadia if you have a newer Samsung, an ASUS ROG or Razer phone!

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