Google Stands Up For Its Customers: Gmail Gets State-Sponsored Attacks Warnings


Google is no stranger to encryption issues and state-sponsored attacks warnings. When Apple took a stand against FBI and their proposition, CEO Sundar Pichai supported their position, clearly rejecting the idea of enabling hacking of customer devices & data.  Now, the company is taking extra measures to make sure the Government isn’t spying on anyone who uses Gmail.

A first update to the mail service translates in extra security warnings when sending or opening an exmail. Besides the “safe browsing” notices that make you aware of the risk you’re taking by opening a suspicious link, Google adds an extra layer of security by offering customers a final option to retreat. In case of state-sponsored attacks, Google shows a full page warning to make sure you don’t enter dangerous territory.

However, the company states in a blog post that the latter update is meant for those 0.01% of Google users who are, probably, journalists or activists.

This news comes after another security update that started warning clients about recipients who are not using TLS encryption. Since implementation, 25% more emails were sent through encrypted connection.

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