Google Starts Rolling Out Screen Transcripts to Pixel Users

Google Pixel 2 OLED

The Pixel 3 was launched with the Call Screen feature out of the box and, as it was still a little rough around the edges, Google promised future improvements. Now, it looks like one of them is already here.

Some Reddit users have noticed that Google started to roll out the Call Screen transcripts to the Pixel owners and, though we don’t know how widely available it is at the moment, it’s worth noting that, at least on Reddit, it looks like half of the users already got it on their devices.

What is the feature, exactly, you ask? Basically you just screen an incoming call and once it has ended, Google saves the details of the conversation to the call log. This way, you’ll be able to choose which phone calls are worthy to follow up on and you’ll also manage to weed out those annoying spam calls as well.

To see if your device got the feature, all you have to do is check the calls in your phone app, choose Call Details and, if you did get the update, you’ll notice the See Transcript option.

If the feature is not present on your Pixel yet, you’ll have to be a little patient and most likely not for too long as it looks like the update is rolling out quite fast.

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