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Google Turns Its Trips Mobile App Into a Handier Feature

A recent statement informs that Google is giving up its Trips app for mobile, turning some of its service functionality into the Maps app and Search features.

How? Well, even if the service is just shutting down, your information like notes or saved places will not be lost but found in Search when you’ll sign in to your Google account. Moreover, whenever you need to find cool spots, attractions or restaurants, you can just search for “my trips” or go the new Travel page on Google.

When the company announced the service’s shutting down, it actually announced its migration to Travel and the improvement of their mapping and navigation app on these functionalities.

That’s not all. The Travel page is getting more entertaining, as soon users will have fun adding and editing notes from Google Trips in the Travel section and discover information from past trips or upcoming ones, like saved attractions, flights, bookings.

Searching for a restaurant or a specific place like a popular beach, becomes much easier in Maps, by swiping up on the “Explore” tab in the app.

Moreover, the app will soon include your upcoming bookings categorized by each trip, and you won’t need an Internet connection to download them, as they’re available offline also.

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