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Google’s New Education Tool Let You Solve Math Problems with Your Camera

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Google is continuing to expand its virtual education tools to help during the pandemic with some impressive new features.

Among them, there’s the ability to simply point your phone at a math problem and, using Google Lens or the Google app Socratic, see the solution or do the homework like never before.

google-ai math problems google lens

The app also lets biology, chemistry and other STEM students visualize almost 100 concepts with their phone, using Google to search for them and augmented reality to go into detail.

google lens homework help

Speaking of homework, Google Classroom will now have to-do widgets for students and to-review ones for teachers, helping them review progress that much faster.

In September, Google Meet will get larger tiled views, so teachers can see up to 49 students at once, along with better controls for moderators hosting meetings and polling.

Meanwhile, Classroom is also getting better, being able to spot missed citations and check for potential plagiarism.

Google outlined all the new remote learning tools launching in this blog post

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