Google's New Shopping 100 Gives You The Latest Shopping Trends

Google’s New Shopping 100 Gives You The Latest Shopping Trends

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Launched today, Google’s “Shopping 100” is a new portal from the company that will help you find the top 100 trending products in the United States.

If Google doesn’t know what people want, then no one does. Articles on the site are arranged by category, and items growing in popularity are highlighted.

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Trending products are set from what people search on the web. The portal sorts items into eight categories: tech, kitchen gear, toys and games, accessories and apparel, gaming, sports and fitness, home goods, and personal care.

Clicking on a product will give you its general description and information on where you can buy the item for the best price. The service also allows you to set price tracking so you can stalk your favorite gadget, and catch it when its price drops.

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