Google's Pixel Buds 2 Registered Many Audio Cutout Issues
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Google’s Pixel Buds 2 Registered Many Audio Cutout Issues

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Recently, many Google Pixel Buds owners have been experiencing strange audio cutouts while using them, especially while their phone was in a fixed spot, like a pocket. Apparently, customers have noticed that the audio drops in moments like turning their head from side to side or while covering one ear.

People have been pretty vocal about it on the community thread and Google’s Pixel Buds support forum is filled with these kinds of reports about the audio issues.

Some of the customers are reporting the audio issues are happening while jogging or running, and it seems to be a cutout related to movement.

My Google Pixel Buds (Gen 2) keep losing audio while taking a walk or jogging. I’ve noticed that it happens when I move my head by looking down or turning right or left. But if I keep my head straight it works sometimes. I have a Google Pixel 4 XL as my device that it’s connected to. My phone is in my front right or left pocket. Both have the same problem regardless of where I have it in the pocket. I’ve tried keeping the phone down and switching the orientation of my phone up and that hasn’t resolved the issue either. I did follow the Audio Issues troubleshooting guide and unpaired the Pixel Buds and re-paired them and that hasn’t resolved the issue,’ one of the users submitted on Google’s Pixel Buds support forum.

Judging by the number of customers that are reporting this issue, it looks like a significant number of Pixel Buds 2 units are affected by audio issues. Hopefully, the issues will be resolved by a software update. 

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