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Groom’s Drone Injures Guests At Wedding

wedding groom drone injures people

Especially if you’re the groom.

Wedding aerial shots have become something of a trend, with many videographers or photographers wanting to give another spin to the photo album and learn something on the field in the process. But experiments like this shouldn’t be done at an actual event, rather at rehearsals or on open terrain, with no one in sight.

It’s no wonder that a wedding was ruined after an inexperienced pilot decided to have a little bit of fun at a wedding. What was worse is that it was the groom who turned the happiest day of his life in one of the worst, for his guests. Two of the witnesses say that Barry Billcliff’s hovering video camera “went haywire and slammed into their faces, injuring them on the dance floor under a tent at Searles Castle in Windham.”

One of the guests was hit in the face by the drone’s blades, leaving her with a wound that needed 20 stitches, a nose and orbital bone fracture. She filed a lawsuit immediately after the incident, according to Boston Herald, although the groom insists he wasn’t controlling the drone at the moment of the incident.

It’s not the only incident of this kind, mind you. Here, a wedding videographer sends a drone right to the happy couple’s heads in an attempt to get the right angle:

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