Inside Hurricane Sam: Drone Footage Shows What It Looks Like

As fascinating as a hurricane is, no one wants to see it up close. At least not when it comes to your average citizen. Scientists, however, placed a drone to show them what exactly is happening inside a category 4 storm.

A first-person view to a hurricane is crucial for scientists. That’s why a team from the The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has employed the help of Saildrone Explorer SD 1045 to investigate.

The drone was placed in the path of Hurricane Sam, this year’s category 4 storm. Soon, the drone made it inside where it captured footage of goosebump-raising waves. We’re talking 50-foot waves and winds at speeds topping 120 miles per hour.

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The drone survived the storm by having a special hurricane wing attached. The footage is going to help scientists better predict hurricanes and warn people ahead of time.

“Using data collected by saildrones, we expect to improve forecast models that predict rapid intensification of hurricanes,” Greg Foltz, a scientist at NOAA, said in a statement. “Rapid intensification, when hurricane winds strengthen in a matter of hours, is a serious threat to coastal communities.” 

See the full footage captured by the drone, here!

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