Gyroscopic Truck Concept Is The Harry Potter Knight Bus For Muggles

gyroscopic concept

Traffic jams are so common in the urban landscape, we can hardly imagine the day when they’ll be gone. And yet, this is what countless engineers and computer vision experts are striving for. Besides autonomous vehicles, designers are coming up with their own concept vehicles that could bypass bottlenecks and arrive at the destination in time, even at rush hour. The latest is the gyroscopic concept vehicle that reminds us of one magical bus… #automagic

Dahir Insaat came up with something he calls “gyroscopic transport”. It takes several shapes but the basics are the same. A long vehicle, capable of lifting itself from the ground on two legs and slipping through the rest of the cars. 

Doesn’t that remind you of anything? It’s a futuristic version of the Knight Bus in Harry Potter, if you ask us. In the book, the magical bus can shrink its size, in order to pass through rows of cars. Insaat obtains the same result but with vertical pillars with wheels.

In the case of a gyroscopic fire truck, once the vehicle reaches its destination, firefighters can reach the upper building levels by soaring from the top of the vehicle in a flying containment unit. As the unit is modular, it can quickly turn into a bridge for those trapped in the building on fire:

It’s a pretty wild idea, granted, but one that could improve response times of fire departments and therefore, save lives.

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