This Printer Gloriously Brings Harry Potter Photos to Life With AR

Harry Potter Magic Photo and Video Printer for iPhone and Android

One of the main promises of augmented reality was to bring magic into real life. One of the best concepts in Harry Potter is definitely the moving photos for capturing the essence of a moment.

What do you get if you mix these two? The Harry Potter Magic Photo and Video Printer from Lifeprint, a gorgeous looking device that will delight any Hogwarts fan.

This tiny, Harry-Potter emblazoned printer has a companion iPhone and Android app which will bring the printed photos to life using AR (augmented reality).

To show your true Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff pride, the Harry Potter Magic Photo and Video Printer comes with medallions for each Hogwarts house. To really make those Hogwarts mementos shine, the app also features Augmented Reality filters that will turn you into a lookalike for Mad-Eye Moody or Luna Lovegood. Well, at least on the glasses front.

You can also connect with fellow fans and send photos to their own magic photo and video printer, though that’s not going to be very affordable. Beyond the initial £149.99 price for the Harry Potter Magic Photo and Video Printer, each 40-pack of the photographic paper will set you back another £25. However, to quote that famous slogan, the memories will definitely be priceless (and moving!).

The magical printer is already up for pre-order on Amazon, so it could make a great Christmas present.

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