HelmetVR Brings You As Close As You Can Get To A Real Racing Experience


One headset, some motion controllers and you’re good to go in VR. Solving puzzles, discovering worlds and even racing others. If only… you could forget about the feeling of a clunky piece of gear strapped around your head. And the sensation that you’re sitting in a chair, not a real cockpit. Now, there’s a way to do that called HelmetVR #realitymagic

The virtual reality company came up with a device that takes the best of a real racing helmet and combines it with a VR headset. In this case, they put together an Arai helmet with an Oculus Rift device. Now, the obvious perk is the feeling you get with a helmet on – like you’re a professional racer, just about to take on the world.

A secondary perk is that HelmetVR provides a better balance for your head, it distributes the weight better. Finally, the audio output is more realistic, since it pours through a surround sound system. That said, imagine wearing a helmet now, indoors, no wind to sooth that summer heat. Imagine that sensation during a long VR session. Not the most comfortable, right?

Even so, what might weigh in favor of this $2,450 racing helmet for VR is the motion rig FormulaVR offers. It’s a cockpit-shaped rig with the correct driving position. The entire system is compatible with a variety of racing titles like : iRacing,  Asseto corsa, RaceRoom, Project Cars and Kart Racing Pro.

The company intends to offer support for Rfactor2 and KartKraft, as well. Take a pic at the HelmetVR experience:

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