Honor 50 Pro, Better than Ever (without Huawei)

Honor got emancipated last year, since Huawei and they “broke up”. One of the consequences of that decision, though, will make lots of you happy; we’re gonna have an Honor 50 series with Google services! And, even better, that is not the only thing Honor is gonna try to win you back with.

First of all, how did this whole “getting out of Huawei’s shadow” happen? The major Chinese company simply sold the brand. Now Honor is independent and no longer on the entity list. Huawei remains there, with earnings declining in every country, except China, of course. 

Besides making up with Google, Honor can now go beyond its mid-range status. Now that it doesn’t have to stick to a lower position than the Mates and the Ps of Huawei, Honor can challenge the company head-on. 

There’s clearly room for that in the camera department. Honor 50 series will break the mold with a different camera… mold, actually.

Instead of the stacked quad-camera V40 had, Honor 50 is separating its cameras in two rings. This is a new and fresh way of building the back camera module but honestly… if I coped and eventually got to dig the square camera bump, I’m sure this one is gonna pass, too! I, for one, like it better – don’t you? I mean, don’t you want phone companies to keep experimenting and tweak the recipe to make it better? Especially since they want you to buy a new phone every other year…

So the first ring on the Pro Plus camera is gonna host one 50MP sensor. The second one, right under it, will put together a 13MP ultrawide, an 8MP tele, and 3D ToF sensor. In the recent renders, you can see those “eyes” pretty easily, with the LED flash squeezed in. 

What’s interesting is that this year’s Huawei P50 is going with a similar camera module. Aha, they might have broken up but there’s no mistaking where Honor started. However, Huawei P50 is gonna boast a 1-inch sensor on the main. Guess that’s Huawei’s way of sweetening the deal if they have to ship with Harmony OS after all.    

But specs aren’t everything; hardware isn’t everything, as we’ve seen time and time again. I don’t know about you but I believe user experience is what works in the end. Know how much to chip, to add, improve and ditch to make it as balanced as possible. So, Honor 50 series might not come with the 1-inch sensor P50 will, but the fact that they’re gonna offer Google apps will go a long way. 

To find out the rest of the specs and features we expect from the Honor 50, check the video above!

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