Horizon Zero Dawn Trilogy Reported in the Works, Horizon Zero Dawn 2 On PS5

Horizon Zero Dawn Trilogy Reported in the Works, Horizon Zero Dawn 2 On PS5

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Horizon Zero Dawn has been one of PlayStation’s critical successes, one that it continues to support through a holiday PlayStation bundle and an upcoming PC launch. Based on rumors, Sony Interactive Entertainment will continue to support the series, approving developers Guerilla Games to create a Horizon Zero Dawn trilogy, the 2nd game of the series to be released on the PlayStation 5.

According to a report by Video Games Chronicle, Guerilla Games had always planned to make Horizon Zero Dawn a series, but it was only until after the first game’s tremendous success in 2017 till now that SIE agreed to the plan. Rumored to be in development, Horizon Zero Dawn 2 was originally meant for the PlayStation 4, but will now be a title on the PlayStation 5.

Reported new features in Horizon Zero Dawn 2 include a potential co-op mode – whether this is part of the main story à la A Way Out or via a separate game mode is unclear – larger world, and more freedom in its exploration. The co-op mode, in particular, has been one Guerilla Games has wanted to include in the series since the first game and SIE seems to also be on board particularly if its amenable to online play (which PlayStation owners will need to pay for a PlayStation Plus subscription to use).

It should be noted that this co-op feature will likely not detract or replace focus on story and world-building that made Horizon Zero Dawn such a critical success. As VGC states, “According to Hulst [Guerilla Games co-founder]… Sony remains highly committed to the creation of story and character-based games.”

It is unclear if or when a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn may release, especially given the delay in games with previously confirmed release dates like the Last of Us II. However, if it does end up releasing as a launch or near-launch title, that would definitely help drive up sales for the PS5.

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