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How Digital Signage Software Can Offer a Better Experience to Your Guests

It’s no secret that the hospitality and technology sectors are two of the fastest-evolving in the economy. Of course, the goal of any forward-thinking hotel owner or management is to provide guests with an unforgettable stay. Why?

The quality of the customer’s visit is paramount in the hospitality industry. As the world’s technology rapidly advances, so does the need for a first-rate visitor experience. The hotel industry has to use digital signage to solve this problem.

If you’re in charge of a hotel, you know that happy guests mean business. You are also aware of the importance of making an excellent first impression. It is why it’s essential to consider the design of your foyer and other public spaces.

What about the signs in the lobby and other public places, though?

Are you utilizing static, out-of-date signs?

If not, digital signage solutions might help you provide a more satisfying experience for your customers.

Here are the ways this technology can offer a better experience to your guests:

Quicker check-in

Many hotels and motels fail or succeed based on the guest’s experience at check-in; unfavorable reviews may be difficult to overcome at this stage. Auto-check-in and other digital sign features streamline the check-in process by directing customers to the necessary information without overwhelming the front desk staff.

Automated or self-service check-in is a feature of several digital signage platforms. For instance, with Look digital signage software, guests may use the touchscreen to check in, leave their belongings in storage, and go out and about to discover the area. During times of high traffic and transition, this eases the workload on your front desk staff. 

Helpful travel resources and a digital concierge

You can keep your visitors abreast of local happenings and tourist hotspots using digital signs. In addition to providing up-to-date information about flights, trains, and buses, digital signage helps passengers check-in for their flights and print their boarding cards before they leave for the airport.

The digital displays at a hotel may also serve as a virtual front desk. In addition to selling tickets, touchscreens may provide visitors with information on what’s available in the area. Your customers can also make reservations at nearby eateries and get promotional material from you at the kiosks, at a price, of course. Your guests will value the details, and your employees will enjoy the extra time they will have thanks to the virtual concierge.

Leverage social marketing

Visual advertising on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook has long benefited the hotel industry. A new way for visitors to talk about their stay may be found in digital signage systems. Imagine having your guests post pictures from your home or vacation spot on social postcards and share them with friends and family! Through the menu’s interactivity, diners may also create and send personalized digital postcards through email or social media. It’s an excellent opportunity to get the word out about your business and the area you are in via a free and genuine means of promotion.

Wayfinding signage and maps

Hotel visitors are likely to arrive bleary-eyed and worn-out after their journeys. Doing anything that can cause them trouble is a no-go. Both within and outside of the hotel, interactive wayfinding signs, and digital maps may help customers find their way.

Upsell your menu

Your restaurant’s signage might also expose your patrons to a unique selection of dishes. Using digital menu boards to guide diners in their choices is a revolutionary technique to improve the dining experience. A menu board is much easier to update and enhance than paper menus, as well as a more cost-effective solution. You can easily add, delete, or highlight individual dishes with only a few mouse clicks. Customers may see what they get using the software and electronic displays. Setting one up in the lobby of your hotel might be a terrific way to draw in more guests.

Protective measures and urgent warnings

You should constantly be ready for the worst-case scenario since accidents and misfortunes occur. Using digital signage equipped with emergency messages may be a lifesaver in a crisis. Guests may be swiftly and efficiently alerted through your network of displays, with detailed instructions on what to do in an emergency. This includes where to go and how to remain safe.

There are several applications for digital signage in the realm of customer service. Make your visitors’ stay simple and enjoyable; they will remember it and want to return. 

Most importantly, they will spread the word about your hotel to their friends and family after their fantastic experience there.

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How Digital Signage Software Can Offer a Better Experience to Your Guests
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