How Do You Feel About Paying Your Groceries With Your Eye?


A while back, we were talking about the reliability of iris recognition scanners , as they work with iris textures, unique features that every individual benefits from. They were mainly used in airports with just a couple of smartphones enabling such technology and veering away from the fingerprint recognition trend. Now, iris scanners will be used at cash registers, as a way to authentify buyers #biomagic

IrisGuard has deployed a solution that helps customers pay with their eyes, in an eye-for-a-vegetable manner, at supermarkets. The EyePay POS will enable everyone to forgo their cards, pins, phone or token in favors of something hard to manipulate or fake. The biometric POS works with the IrisGuard end-to-end EyeBank system. It fits perfectly in retail stores where cash registers have interfaces equipped with existing EFTPOS but can operate in stand-alone mode, too.

As a customer, you just have to stare into the POS to make a payment – swiftly and secure. Of course, IrisGuard has thought of refugees and unbanked persons too. By using EyePay, they can receive remittances, cash benefits and salaries in the blink of an eye while authorities can make sure food subsidies and other benefits are given to the right people.

So, keep an eye on the payment options offered by your supermarket – you might just see an EyePay there!

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