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Modiface Beauty App Now Acts As A Mobile Dermatologist


The Modiface app is well-known for its makeover powers in the selfie circle. Many women use it to make their skin smoother, try different lipstick shades and cause Internet frenzy with shocking hair colors. It’s basically a fun tool if you have spare time on your hands. Now, the company behind the app is trying to make a real difference with their product, by adding skin health tracking functions using AR #realitymagic

Developed with the help of medical professionals, these health tools are meant to help customers better understand their own skin. An anti-aging simulator uses augmented reality to show users how their face would look without wrinkles, dry skin or nasolabial folds. If the changes are too drastic, users might want to use the Skin Aging Analyzer that provides real-time measurement of the level of wrinkles, dark spots and skin roughness they have. Then, a Dermal Scope tool zooms in on certain areas to show the size of moles or red spots by using a dynamic e-ruler.

Just when you’re celebrating the free derma consult, you get one more perk – a Hemoglobin Visualizer that simulates and amplifies skin color changes in real time, due to change in oxygen levels in the blood. This last option works in tandem with an Apple Watch that can collect data simultaneously.

To check out all the new featured, just update the Modiface Live App on iTunes.

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