How to Customize Your Perfume With Your iPhone

How to Customize Your Perfume With Your iPhone

Ninu looks like a cylindrical box, in rose gold and black finishes, that might uncover some sort of jewelry once opened. Instead, it holds three cartridges, each corresponding to an essential scent category.

Open the corresponding app, and you can mix the three in a way unique to you.

Don’t worry, you can’t really mess it up. Thankfully, Ninu added artificial intelligence to the mix, so there’s an actual guide, called “Pierre” (are we really surprised it’s French?!) that will suggest a perfume mix, based on your personality.

How does it know who you are? Beforehand, it asks you to make a couple of selections that reveal your tastes.

The best part is all fragrances are vegan-friendly, using sustainably-sourced ingredients, and are paraben, phthalate and sulfate-free.

When you run out of perfume, the app will give you a heads-up so you can restock.

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