How to Open Your Car With an iPhone or Apple Watch

We’ve talked about biometrics used to unlock cars and control in-cabin systems, personalizing the entire experience. We hoped in 5 or 10 years’ time, those would make keyfobs obsolete. Well, guess what: Apple is doing it right now.

The company has found a way to let you unlock, lock and start your engine with your iPhone and/or Apple Watch. Well, if you own an NFC-connected car.

Starting from iOS 13.4, users will be able to save an NFC car key in their Wallet. Then, with the help of their car maker’s app, they will be able to take control of their NFC-connected car. The feature was spotted as a CarKey API and is one of the coolest new features to drop with the iOS 13.4 software update.

But it’s not the only new one. Nine new Memojis will drop also; some are cute, while others – rolling eyes, steam coming out of your nose when, I guess you’re about to go full Dracarys at work, and face filled with terror – are gonna fill your chats all year.

Also, the iCloud drive folder will finally be shareable with connections, turning it into a much more handy Dropbox. And if we’re talking about productivity, I think we’re all gonna breathe easier with the new Mail interface. Move and Flag buttons are back! You won’t have to search through a menu to find the action wanted – it’s going to be right under your nose. 

Siri doesn’t get much smarter in this update but she will be constantly awake. You’ll be able to trigger the voice assistant at all times. Even when your phone is covered or is positioned face down. 

App purchases are made easier than ever, too. Both on MacOS, iOS and watchOS. See how that is going to happen exactly in the video above!

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