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How To Transform Your First Ubuntu Tablet In A PC

ubuntu tablet

You’re on the market for an all-in-one tablet? Then BQ’s first Ubuntu tablet might just be what you have in mind.

Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition is a 10.1-inch HD display tablet, the first of its kind from Spanish company BQ. If you had the opportunity to take an Aquaris E4.5 or E5 HD smartphone for a test drive and liked the end results, you will appreciate this middle ground solution for a portable device that can act as a PC on your command.

Indeed, Ubuntu’s USP is exactly the one thing Apple can’t offer – a universal software that works on every device imaginable, from smartphone to drones. In this case, the M10 tablet behaves like it’s supposed to when you’re on the road but can be transformed in a desktop with the help of a monitor, keyboard and mouse.


Developers created a customizable interface for both purposes: touch-friendly when it’s a standalone piece and mouse-activated when it works as a PC. Similarly, apps are designed to occupy the entire space of the screen when M10 is in tablet mode or get minimized as floating windows when you choose to use a mouse. That’s not all. Upon opening it, you’ll discover a split screen feature called Side Stage. If you enable it, two apps will open simultaneosly in one screen so you can copy content from one to another or use them as a pair for a given task.

How much will this count for the average user in the end? For one, he will have a greater collection of apps available as developers will find it easier to build one app version that works for multiple devices, not the other way around. Secondly, this multi-purpose tablet will be his life-saver is he’s not quite ready to give up the trusted desktop in favor of tomorrow’s devices.

The Wi-Fi,  8.2mm thick and 470 grams tablet will be available on BQ’s online store from March.



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