Addicting PSP Game Gets A New Mobile Version This Summer

lumines 2016

Good things never last… but they can be reimagined. So is the case of Lumines, one of the first PSP games in history, a classic for coinnaseurs. The musical puzzle game tried to cross to the other side of portable gadgets in 2009, when it was released as an iPhone app, but failed to meet expectations. This year, it got its long-awaited do-over by fans around the world.

Publisher Mobcast aquired the rights to Lumines from Q Entertainment and is planning a big return this summer with not one, but two games. Under the leadership of Tatsuya Mizuguchi (former head of Q Entertainment), Lumines 2016 will see the light of day this summer while Lumines VS will wait for the first snowflakes to fall. Both games will be available on Android and iOS.



Why two games? The first is going online as a paid app for hardcore fans, while the second one is going to be free and will serve as an introduction to the game world for latecomers. Judging after the initial photos, developers listened to gamers’ complaints this time and adjusted the game to the mobile environment; there’s a scaled down board and portrait orientation available.

If all goes well, expect a busy summer with your nose glued to the screen.




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