Get Your Documents In Order With iPhone’s Personal Notary

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If you haven’t realised that there’s an app for every activity imaginable, you need to check out Notarize. This iOS app’s developers went so far as to offer notary services via Internet, 24/7.

Notarize can help you legalize any document, in any day, at any hour, respecting US laws. All you need to have is an iPhone or iPad, they take care of the rest. Notarize’s developers make sure that, once you log in, you will be attended by a licensed notary in Virginia, where remote electronic notarization is allowed.

First rule: the document that needs notarization has to be uploaded from the phone or a cloud service. If it needs scanning, you can install a third-party like Scanbot to help you out. Once it’s done, it will be converted automatically in a PDF. Then, you have to take a photo of your ID in order to prove your identity and start filling in the blanks, adding initials and everything else, electronically.


Once your work is done, a Notarize agent will have a video call with you to explain the final steps and act as a witness to the whole operation. After you sign, an electronic stamp is added to the document and you’re good to go.

Since it’s never been done before and you actually need human assistance in the end, the app will charge you about $25 for the process. It’s not the cheapest way to solve your problem but it is the fastest solution for last-minute problems.

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