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Tomorrow’s Acquisition Will Bring HTC Under Google’s Wing

The end of summer was pretty intense. Galaxy Note 8 launched and Google’s plan to buy HTC got our attention. There was a lot of speculation regarding HTC’s intention to sell off part or all of its company. If you put it aside, thinking it was nothing more than a rumor, you shouldn’t have. It seems that tomorrow the companies will make the official announcement #tomorrowmagic

Two weeks ago, Taiwanese publications reported that HTC and Google were close to shaking hands, putting an end to negotiations. But when would they announce the acquisition? Sooner than you’d expect, even tomorrow. Tim Culpan tweeted that the manufacturer’s shares would halt trading tomorrow to make a serious announcement:

If you ask us, this major statement has to be in regards with the acquisition. Plus, leaker Evan Blass lost no time in sharing a copy of an invitation to an employee HTC Town Hall meeting that would be held on the same day.

Google’s interest in acquiring the company’s hardware assets is obvious – they need some expertise in this area. While software and services are their strength, products have been struggling to gain the same success. Now, Google is hoping to have more control on design and production. HTC, on the other hand, is ready to give up this part of its business, but not the Vive VR wing. Rumor is the company is hoping to keep it theirs for as long as possible.

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