HTC Launches Viveport VR Game Subscription Service

htc vive vr viveport

HTC just launched its virtual reality game subscription service through Viveport. Users who want to have monthly access at VR games released for their HTC headset (or Oculus Rift) will have to pay $6.99 #realitymagic

So far, HTC Vive headset owners could access new content for virtual reality from the Valve Steam store, since Valve is at the center of Steam VR operating system for HTC. Now, though, HTC intends to attract customers through a Viveport subscription service of just $7 per month. For this small fee, PC-powered headset users will be able to download five titles at the beginning of the month. Existent Vive owners will be rewarded for their loyalty with free access to the service in the first month of use. 

How many games will be available at first? For now, Viveport has a library of 50 titles, as opposed to the 1600 available on the Valve Steam Store. The number is disappointing, true, but at least Viveport includes TheBlu and Everest VR and HTC will give away a copy of Arcade Saga to all existing Vive users.

The company hopes to expand their revenue sources outside the ones coming from virtual reality hardware. HTC should take 40% from all sales coming from the Viveport app store, opened in August 2016.

The subscription service launch and free goodies offer coincides with the anniversary of HTC Vive. The VR headset came into existence exactly one year ago, this week.

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