Huawei Is Changing Their Apple-Inspired UI By Working With An Apple Designer

huawei p9 interface
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Huawei is letting nothing to chance as this fall a revamped user interface is expected to show up on its devices. If so far, the Chinese company has been acccused of having an UI similar to the Apple one, that’s about to change in September. Key to the change is none other than one of the designers who have had the biggest input on elaboring the iPhone’s UI #mobilemagic

The company hired last year Abigail Brody with one objective in mind – make good, radical changes to the Android skin EMUI. That probably means letting go of the square icons with rounded corners and dull colors for a brighter, unique feel.

The new smartphones should have the “world’s first truly soulful, emotional, all-empowering and compassionate Operating System of the human mind and soul”, said Abigail in an interview.  Well, that’s a mouthful! It’s not a dictionary-devised, learned-for-the-interview sentence, either; the zen description matches Brody’s optimistic view of the world.

“I’m not [at Huawei] to be a little designer. I’m here to change the world”

There’s not much time left until September, but if someone can pull it off, it might just be this confident designer who invented “the core DNA of the visual attributes that informed the iPhone’s appearance” in just 7 days.

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