Huawei And KFC To Launch Crispy, Red Smartphone In China

kfc huawei smartphone

This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill. Huawei is going to launch a crispy, red phone with KFC’ signature in China #mobilemagic

If you’re a big fan of Kentucky Fried Chicken, you’re probably in desperate need of a brand new gadget to show just where your loyalty lies. At least that was the train of thought of KFC and Huawei when they decided to partner up. The occasion? KFC’ 30 year anniversary in China.

The two companies worked together to develop a red Huawei 7 Plus with the Colonel’s face on the back of the handset, underneath the fingerprint sensor. Below, you can see the year when Kentucky Fried Chicken landed in China and much lower, the phone maker’s logo can be found.

Red is a great color for handset, as we found more recently with the iPhone 7 AIDS Edition. While that was more of a cherry red phone, this borrows the darker red of the fast-food chain.

The smartphone is expected to come with up to 32GB (unless you add a microSD card). It will run on Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 processor, counting on 3GB of RAM and a 3020mAh battery. The handsets will come with the KFC delivery app from the get-go, as well as a KFC music app. The latter will allow users to choose the music that’s being played in the fast food restaurants across China.

Only 5,000 units will be sold in China for the price of 1,099 yuan (around $162) each.

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