AI and China Coverage Disagreement Force Jon Stewart To Walk From Apple TV Show

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If this report is confirmed Apple is set to lose a lot of fans, as Jon Stewart is seen by many as a modern-day hero.

Multiple outlets are now saying Jon Stewart, the famous former Daily Show host, walked away from his show on Apple TV Plus because the company tried to change his coverage over hot topics like AI and China’s policies.

According to the media, Jon Stewart’s Apple TV show The Problem was in jeopardy over the disagreement. When Apple threatened to cancel Stewart’s show, the host decided to walk.

According to NYT, Jon Stewart told his staff last Thursday that Apple was pushing back on topics relating to China and artificial intelligence. It seems that Stewart was probably hitting a little too close to home for Apple’s China dealings.

Slashdot user Shrakai explained exactly why Apple might be afraid of what Stewart had to say:

“Fans and haters of Apple will both recall that Apple recently made changes to AirDrop, one of the few effective means Chinese dissidents and protesters had for exchanging information off-grid at scale, and will ask why Apple is apparently not only willing, but eager, to carry water for the PRC, overriding both human rights and practical business concerns in the process.” 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Apple wanted a lot of control over the editorial side of The Problem and, obviously, Jon Stewart had a problem with that:

“Sources tell THR that there had been tension between Apple and Stewart ahead of the show’s third season return over topics featured on The Problem. Those same sources note that Apple approached Stewart and informed the host that both sides needed to be “aligned” regarding topics on the show. Stewart, sources say, balked at the idea of being “hamstrung” by Apple, which threatened to cancel the series. Stewart, sources say, wanted to have full creative control of the series and, after Apple threatened to cancel the series, told the tech company that he was walking away from the show rather than have his hands tied.”

As of writing, neither Apple nor Jon Stewart issued a comment.

Fans of Jon Stewart’s The Problem will no doubt be heartbroken. Fortunately, his Daily Show sketches are still as fresh and relevant as ever. Remember Jon Stewart’s Israel bit? The screencap above is from it.

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