Huawei Wants Google Apps To Be Submitted Into Its AppGallery


Huawei recently launched the P40 Series, with impressive camera specs for smartphones. Unfortunately, the new flagship line-up will come unequipped with Google apps. This is due to Huawei being blacklisted by the US, making it unable to do business with American companies.

Huawei’s CEO, Eric Xu, hopes he can get Google to submit its apps on the AppGallery, according to CNBC. Xu compared the situation with the case of Apple’s App Store, where Google submits its apps for Apple’s approval. If Google submits its apps on the AppGallery, this could make them available for download on Huawei smartphones.

This wouldn’t really a problem for Huawei, regarding the Chinese market, because Google apps are prohibited in the country anyway. On the other hand, international customers see it as a big minus. Eric Xu said that because of the trade ban, the company’s revenue was $10 billion lower than its target.

“I’ve always argued that even if Huawei could get most major developers onto its AppGallery in the upcoming years, there is still one critical developer whose apps would be missing: Google,” Bryan Ma, vice president of devices research at IDC, told CNBC. “So if Huawei is really able to get Google on board, then it would be a significant milestone.”

Google did submit a request with the US government asking permission to work with Huawei, but it can take a while for such procedures to be completed. For now, there is no likelihood that Google’s apps will come pre-installed on Huawei smartphones in the near future.

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